Our Earrings


We stock a wonderful collection of new and vintage earrings. Prices range from £30 for gold hoop, knot and stud earrings to £300 for diamond and precious stone earrings.

This is a selection of the unique earrings that we stock. We may not have these exact earrings available when you visit, but we will definitely have some that you will love. Hover over, or tap, the earrings below to see more details.

Gold hoop earrings

We stock a great selection of gold hoop earrings.

Prices from £30

Gold knot and stud earrings

Visit us to see our range of gold knot and stud earrings.

Prices from £30

Diamond stud earrings

We stock platinum set diamond stud earrings starting at 0.2ct.

Prices from £300

Diamond and precious stone earrings

We have a range of unique diamond and precious stone earrings.

Prices from £100